This contract has been drawn up in accordance with the Regulation on the Implementation Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts published in the Official Gazette dated 13.06.2003 and numbered 25137, in accordance with the obligation to conclude a contract for sales made over the internet, and the articles are as follows.


The subject of this contract is the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers-Distance Contracts Implementation Principles and Procedures No. covers.



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It is the person who purchases the passenger transportation services.


The service subject to this contract is passenger transportation services and consists of the sales price, payment method, boarding place, destination, travel date, departure time, seat number, and information at the time the order is terminated, and is also sent to the BUYER's e-mail address.


The BUYER declares on the website www.ekoyol.com that he has read the preliminary information about the basic characteristics of the product subject to the contract, the sales price including all taxes, payment method and the full trade name, full address and contact information of the SELLER, and has given the necessary confirmation in the electronic environment. it does.

BUYER; By confirming this contract electronically, the SELLER confirms that the basic features of the service in the order given for the service to be provided to the BUYER, the price of the services including taxes, and the payment information are correct and complete before the conclusion of the distance contracts.

If for any reason the price of the product cannot be paid or canceled in the bank records, the SELLER will not have any liability.

Passenger transportation services subject to the contract are delivered personally by the BUYER. For this reason, the buyer has to present the identity card and the credit card used in this shopping to the personnel of the SELLER company while receiving the passenger transportation services.

If the ticket subject to the contract is to be delivered to another person/organization from the Buyer, the SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery.

The vehicle seat number is not given when purchasing tickets online. Space is reserved in the vehicle as much as the number of seats reserved by the buyer.

Passenger transportation service received is valid for the confirmed date, time and route. The service not used on the day and time written on it will be deemed invalid.

In case of loss of items that were placed in the baggage and whose value was not appreciated, no more than three times the ticket price will be paid.

The criminal liability arising from the examinations to be made by the administrative and judicial authorities of the goods given to the baggage by the buyer belongs to the baggage owner.

Substances that are harmful and dangerous for human health, as well as inappropriate packaging and goods cannot be carried in the baggage or with the passenger. Baggage exceeding 30 KG for each passenger is subject to a separate fee.

Those who purchase passenger transportation services are covered by Personal Accident Insurance.

According to Article 38/6 of the Road Transport Regulation; Pets such as cats, dogs (except for dangerous ones) and birds (goldfinches, budgerigars or canaries) with vaccination ration cards can be carried on the lap of the passenger or in front of the seat they are sitting in, except for the luggage-carrying section, provided that their special cages are locked. Responsibility for the damage that may arise can be transferred, provided that the BUYER accepts it in writing.

Price tariffs are subject to change without prior notice in accordance with the Law and Regulation.

Seats are required for children over 2 years old. Written parental consent is required for minors traveling alone.

Passengers should not accept food and beverage offers from people they do not know, for their safety, and should not get into the vehicle while intoxicated.

It cannot be insisted on getting on and off in places where it is not legally allowed.

Apart from the break place determined by the SELLER, getting sick etc. It is not required to stop or take a break except in emergencies.

Attitudes and behaviors that will endanger the navigation and safety of the traffic and disturb the other passengers in the vehicle cannot be exhibited. No electronic device can be used that will adversely affect the technical equipment of the vehicle.
In the event that the force majeure and obstacles to the continuation of the carriage make it necessary to wait for an indefinite period or require more than one time to wait until the destination, the SELLER completes the carriage by following another route, if possible, takes you up to a point or brings you back to the starting point. The SELLER has the right to cancel the trip due to force majeure.

In the payments made by the BUYER by credit card, the product amount is returned to the relevant bank within 7 days after the order is canceled by the BUYER. After this amount is returned to the bank, the reflection on the BUYER's accounts is entirely related to the bank transaction process, and it is not possible for the SELLER to intervene in any way regarding this issue.

All information (gender, name, etc.) must be entered correctly when purchasing products on www.ekoyol.com. Otherwise, GÜZELLER TURİZM SEY.TAŞ.BİL.İNŞ.SAN.ve TİC.LTD.ŞTİ cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise. The BUYER is obliged to take into account the warnings received while using the www.ekoyol.com site together with this contract.

www.ekoyol.com is a platform where users and service providers are brought together. The service provider is the legal entity that owns the vehicle used for passenger transport.

www.ekoyol.com cannot be held responsible for the content of the information of the User and service providers on the site or mobile application. www.ekoyol.com cannot be held responsible for disputes, damages and/or claims that may arise between Service Providers and Users.

The organization that provides online transaction services (GÜZELLER TURİZM SEY.TAŞ.BİL.İNŞ.SAN.ve TİC.LTD.ŞTİ) is not responsible for any accident, loss of property or life that may occur during the voyages. GUZELLER TURİZM SEY.TAŞ.BİL.İNŞ.SAN.ve TİC.LTD.ŞTİ cannot be held responsible for any negligence or fault that may occur during the voyage. The owner of the vehicle used for responsible passenger transportation will be the company. Those who receive online transaction service from www.ekoyol.com are deemed to have accepted this condition in advance and irrevocably.


The BUYER has the right to withdraw from the passenger transportation services subject to the contract until 24 (twenty four hours) before the departure time specified in the e-mail sent to the BUYER and at the order stage. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, it is obligatory to notify the SELLER in person, by e-mail or telephone within this period. If this right is exercised, the ticket price will be returned to the BUYER within the following 7 days. If printed passenger transportation services have been purchased by the BUYER from any branch of the SELLER, the BUYER can use the right of withdrawal regarding this ticket only by personally applying at the SELLER's branch with the ID and credit card.

If there is less than 24 (twenty four) hours before the departure time of the vehicle, the ticket price will not be refunded. The ticket may be delayed until 12 (twelve) hours before the departure time of the vehicle, in this case, an open ticket is given to the BUYER by the SELLER, and the BUYER can use this ticket to travel on the same route for a period of 6 six months. If there is less than 12 (twelve) hours before the departure time of the vehicle, the right of withdrawal cannot be used. There are no refunds for open-dated tickets. Tickets purchased with a credit card cannot be refunded in cash. Refund; made through the instruction given to the relevant bank.


In case the BUYER is in default, the BUYER agrees to pay the SELLER's loss and damage due to the delayed performance of the debt. In cases where the BUYER's default is caused by the SELLER's fault, the BUYER shall not be obliged to meet any claim for loss or damage.


In the implementation of this contract, the CONSUMER Arbitration Committees and the CONSUMER Courts in the SELLER's settlement are authorized up to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In case the order is approved, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract.



Kestel District.İsa Kücülmez Street.Kestel Breeze Baturay Site 80/D Alanya/Antalya

Tax Office and Tax Number: ALANYA / 453 008 2514

Phone : +90 242 5111100

Email: info@ekoyol.com


It is the person who purchases the passenger transportation services.

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