Terms & Conditions

Making the reservation; It means accepting the terms of www.ekoyol.com. Complaints and refunds must be sent to info@ekoyol.com until 14 (fourteen) days after the transaction date.

You must be at the airport no later than 1 (one) hour in advance for domestic (Domestic) flights and 2 (two) hours at the latest for international flights.

Our customers who will be picked up from the airport will be greeted at the exit gate with a signboard with the www.ekoyol.com logo.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide the full and complete telephone number during the reservation in order to avoid any problems at the reception or pick-up time, otherwise ekoyol.com cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise.

Passengers are entitled to 1 (one) suitcase per person. Excess baggage information must be reported at the time of booking. www.ekoyol.com has the right to apply an extra fee or reject this request. Bicycle and golf bags not reported at the time of booking will not be accepted.

If; If you are traveling with a wheelchair, please indicate whether the wheelchair is foldable in the reservation form or send an information e-mail to info@ekoyol.com.

If there is a delay in your flight landing time; Your driver will be informed and will be there at the time of your departure.

If your flight is delayed or canceled at your departure time; please inform us about this issue and inform us of your new flight information at info@ekoyol.com or by phone +902425111100. An extra fee may be charged by us for the transaction to be carried out in the face of changing conditions.

Reservation cancellation requests are accepted 24 hours before and before the departure time, and the paid fees are refunded within 7 days according to the payment type.
If the purchased service is not used without any cancellation or change within the rules, then no refund will be possible.

If; weather conditions, traffic jams, etc. You will be informed as soon as possible from the moment we understand that we cannot carry out your transfer due to reasons. Therefore, please check that the mobile phone number you have written in the form is correct.

All www.ekoyol.com vehicles have compulsory accident and seat insurance. It is the customer's responsibility to load and receive the baggage completely and completely from the vehicle.

www.ekoyol.com has the right not to transport passengers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who endanger the safety of the driver and vehicle.

Tobacco products and cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes) are not allowed in our vehicles.

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